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BRONSON was formed when Odesza members Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight met Golden Features' Tom Stell at an Australian music festival in 2014. The trio shared a mutual admiration for their respective acts and stayed in touch by sharing music across time zones and continents through Dropbox files and FaceTime calls. Things culminated in 2018 when the three artists spent a week in the remote region of Berry, Australia, recording what would later become their debut BRONSON album

Track Listing:
1. Foundation - BRONSON
2. Heart Attack (Feat. Lau.ra) - BRONSON
3. Bline - BRONSON
4. Know Me (Feat. Gallant) - BRONSON
5. Vaults - BRONSON
6. Tense - BRONSON
7. Call Out - BRONSON
8. Contact - BRONSON
9. Blackout - BRONSON
10. Dawn (Feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) - BRONSON

Year of Production: 2020