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Carly Pearce wrote and recorded her critically acclaimed '29' in the throes of tumult, exhaustion and deep, soul-shaking disappointment. But in the process of facing the loss of her producer and champion busbee to cancer and the break-up of her marriage, she discovered that not only will the truth set you free, songs are the greatest form of resilience and strength in the storm. She also rediscovered the Country roots and grounding that saw a 16-year-old girl from Kentucky move to Pigeon Forge, TN for six shows a day at Dollywood chasing her dream. '29: Written In Stone' is 15 songs - the original seven from '29', plus eight more- that trace the arc of realizing, accepting, laughing, crying and moving on wiser for the experience. It is produced by Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne.

Track Listing:
1. Diamondback - Carly Pearce
2. What He Didn't Do - Carly Pearce
3. Easy Going - Carly Pearce
4. Dear Miss Loretta (Feat. Patty Loveless) - Carly Pearce
5. Next Girl - Carly Pearce
6. Should've Known Better - Carly Pearce
7. 29 - Carly Pearce
8. Never Wanted to Be That Girl (Feat. Ashley McBryde) - Carly Pearce
1. Your Drinkin', My Problem - Carly Pearce
2. Liability - Carly Pearce
3. Messy - Carly Pearce
4. Show Me Around - Carly Pearce
5. Day One - Carly Pearce
6. All the Whiskey in the World - Carly Pearce
7. Mean It This Time - Carly Pearce

Year of Production: 2021