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The album is called 'True North' because this is the moment that I have truly found my direction and am fully putting my flag in the sand saying 'this is where I live as an artist - my work and my gift is my vulnerability and that is it and that is enough. This is an album of deep love - love for time on this earth, love for all the people that pass through your life, love for yourself exactly as you are, love for yourself back when you were not loving yourself as you are, love for your partner, love for unanswered questions, love for searching and yearning and feeling. This is also an album of grief, which is a form of love. I've felt hesitant to hang my hat here because I don't want sadness to be the headline for this record because grief is more than sadness, it's love. That's what I want to remind people that 'there's always room for love' in all its imperfect and impossible forms'. - Caroline Spence

Track Listing:
1. Mary Oliver - Caroline Spence
2. The Gift - Caroline Spence
3. Clean Getaway - Caroline Spence
4. Blue Sky Rain - Caroline Spence
5. Scale These Walls - Caroline Spence
6. Walk the Walk - Caroline Spence
7. I Know You Know Me - Caroline Spence
8. Icarus - Caroline Spence
9. True North - Caroline Spence
10. The Next Good Time - Caroline Spence
11. I Forget the Rest - Caroline Spence
12. There's Always Room - Caroline Spence

Year of Production: 2022