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Seminal, groundbreaking 1981 album, which helped define British reggae for a new generation of black British youth. Thompson had enjoyed early success with the Leonard Chin-produced singles 'I'm So Sorry' and 'Simply In Love', which rose to the top of the reggae charts in 1981. The same year Thompson released this album; 'Hopelessly in Love' through her own production company. The cover design, featuring a classic snapshot of Thompson sitting on a car bonnet in Harlesden, north-west London, came to epitomise lovers rock style and attitude.

Track Listing:
1. Yesterday - Carroll Thompson 
2. I'm So Sorry - Carroll Thompson 
3. No You Don't Know - Carroll Thompson 
4. Sing Me a Love Song - Carroll Thompson 
5. Mr Cool - Carroll Thompson 
6. Merry-go-round - Carroll Thompson 
7. Simply in Love - Carroll Thompson 
8. When We Are As One - Carroll Thompson 
9. What Colour? - Carroll Thompson 
10. Hopelessly in Love - Carroll Thompson 

Year of Production: 1981