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Cecilia Bartoli and Sol Gabetta - two of the most captivating women in classical music - join together for this album 'Dolce Duello'. It is a collection of Baroque masterpieces which showcase the stunning combination of voice and cello in a series of dazzling duels and wondrous arias.

Track Listing:
1. Nitocri, Fortuna E Speranza (Antonio Caldara) - Various Performers
2. Il nascimento dell'Aurora, Aure Andate E Baciate (Tomaso Albinoni) - Various Performers
3. San Sigismondo, re di Borgogna, Aure Voi De' Miei Sospiri (Domenico Gabrielli) - Various Performers
4. Tito Manlio, RV738, Di Verde Ulivo (Antonio Vivaldi) - Various Performers
5. Ode for Saint Cecilia's day, HWV76, What Passion Cannot Music Raise and Quell (George Frideric Handel) - Various Performers
1. Gianguir, Tanto E Con Sì Gran Pena (Antonio Caldara) - Various Performers
2. Arianna in Creta, Son Qual Stanco Pellegrino (George Frideric Handel) - Various Performers
3. Gli orti esperidi, Giusto Amor Tu Che M'accendi (Nicola Porpora) - Various Performers
4. Cello concerto in D major, op. 34, I. Allegro E Con Moto (Luigi Boccherini) - Various Performers
5. Cello concerto in D major, op. 34, II. Andante Lentarello (Luigi Boccherini) - Various Performers
6. Cello concerto in D major, op. 34, III. Allegro Maestoso (Luigi Boccherini) - Various Performers