Released in 2001 and awarded a Grammy in 2002 for Best Latin Jazz Album, Charlie Haden's 'Nocturne' is an extraordinary album defying all labels and schemes both inside and outside jazz. Latin jazz, ballads, songs, World Music... no single label is satisfactory, since the musical heritage that made this album possible is so vast, as are the musical experiences of the jazz personalities gathered on this record: Gonzalo Rubalcaba on piano, Ignacio Berroa on drums and percussion, Pat Metheny on guitar, Federico Britos Ruiz on violin, and Joe Lovano and David Sanchez on sax. Exploring the bolero, a distinctive Latin dance rhythm, the group succeeded in creating a language and climate of reflection, a romantic atmosphere that is restrained but nevertheless exuberant.

Track Listing:
1. En Orilla Del Mundo - Charlie Haden 
2. Noche De Ronda - Charlie Haden 
3. Nocturnal - Charlie Haden 
4. Moonlight (Claro De Luna) - Charlie Haden 
5. Yo Sin Ti - Charlie Haden 
6. No Te Empenes Mas - Charlie Haden 
1. Transparence - Charlie Haden 
2. El Ciego - Charlie Haden 
3. Nightfall - Charlie Haden 
4. Tres Palabras - Charlie Haden 
5. Contigo En La Distancia/En Nostros - Charlie Haden 

Year of Production: 2001