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Following their formation in 2015, long-time friends Ian Fraser and Luke Gruntz present their valedictorian statement as cleopatrick. Following a brace of excellent EPs and relentless touring around the world before the lockdown bit, 'Bummer' is the result of half a decade of crafting empathetic, DIY hard rock, a soundtrack for their shared childhood in small-town Canada.

Track Listing:
1. Victoria Park - Cleopatrick 
2. The Drake - Cleopatrick 
3. Family Van - Cleopatrick 
4. Good Grief - Cleopatrick 
5. No Sweat - Cleopatrick 
6. Why July - Cleopatrick 
7. Ya - Cleopatrick 
8. Peppers Ghost - Cleopatrick 
9. 2008 - Cleopatrick 
10. Great Lakes - Cleopatrick 

Year of Production: 2021