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While the band let loose with 'Jassbusters', its follow-up is so laid back as to be horizontal. Vocal improvisations - sometimes eerie, sometimes crooney, and often more shapeshifting, otherworldly sounds than definable words - slosh around Mockasin's signature bent-over-backwards guitar arrangements. All here is smooth and unencumbered, viscous as a palmful of mercury. Opening track 'Jass Two', at first ghoulish and oversaturated, later sits back into its own mellow groove. The effortless flourishes of 'K is for Klassical' honour classical modes of play, Spanish-guitar-styled one second, and lutelike the next - though always with a maverick Mockasinian twist.

Track Listing:
1. Jass Two - Connan Mockasin
2. K Is for Klassical - Connan Mockasin
3. Flipping Poles - Connan Mockasin
4. In Tune - Connan Mockasin
5. Maori Honey - Connan Mockasin
6. She's My Lady - Connan Mockasin
7. Shaved Buckley - Connan Mockasin