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The second full-length album from Julia Jacklin, 'Crushing', embodies every possible meaning of its title. It's an album formed from sheer intensity of feeling, an in-the-moment narrative of heartbreak and infatuation. Produced by Burke Reid and recorded at The Grove Studios, 'Crushing' sets Jacklin's understated defiance against a raw yet luminous sonic backdrop.

Track Listing:
1. Body - Julia Jacklin
2. Head Alone - Julia Jacklin
3. Pressure to Party - Julia Jacklin
4. Don't Know How to Keep Loving You - Julia Jacklin
5. When the Family Flies In - Julia Jacklin
6. Convention - Julia Jacklin
7. Good Guy - Julia Jacklin
8. You Were Right - Julia Jacklin
9. Turn Me Down - Julia Jacklin
10. Comfort - Julia Jacklin

Year of Production: 2019