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Long inspired by the sights, sounds and surroundings of Ireland, Daithi traces a more intimate though no less alive collision in his latest work. This project was unearthed in isolation in rural France as communication with friends, family, and an all-consuming social media expanse was placed on pause.

Track Listing:
1. Take the Wheel (Feat. Paul Noonan) - Daithi
2. Submarines (Feat. Ailbhe Reddy) - Daithi
3. Lavender (Feat. Tandem Felix) - Daithi
4. Wildfires & White Horses - Daithi
5. Perfect Harmony - Daithi
6. Two Grey Ticks - Daithi
7. Nobody New Around You - Daithi
8. Orange (Feat. Sinead White) - Daithi
9. I Haven't Seen You in Some Time (Feat. Sacred Animals) - Daithi
10. In My Darkest Moments (Feat. The Sei) - Daithi

Year of Production: 2019