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Dan Deacon's most emotionally open record and his most transcendent, 'Mystic Familiar' is the result of obsessive work, play, and self-discovery. The album's eleven kaleidoscopic tracks of majestic synth-pop expand his sound with unfettered imagination and newfound vulnerability.

Track Listing:
1. Become a Mountain - Dan Deacon
2. Hypnagogic - Dan Deacon
3. Sat By a Tree - Dan Deacon
4. Arp I: Wide Eyed - Dan Deacon
5. Arp II: Float Away - Dan Deacon
6. Arp III: Far from Shore - Dan Deacon
7. Arp IV: Any Moment - Dan Deacon
8. Weeping Birch - Dan Deacon
9. Fell Into the Ocean - Dan Deacon
10. My Friend - Dan Deacon
11. Bumble Bee Crown King - Dan Deacon

Year of Production: 2020