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A mystery to most, Darondo records are high on the wants-lists of many collectors. He is spoken about in hushed-tones by other Bay Area musicians. Back in the day he was seen cruising around town in a white Rolls Royce (with a "Darondo" license plate). He opened-up for James Brown and lived a colorful lifestyle hanging with folks like the notorious Fillmore Slim. Take a listen to these tracks, released for the first time together on an album, and you may agree that he could have been the next Al Green or Sly Stone. But about 25 years ago Darondo disappeared.

Track Listing:
A1 Let My People Go
A2 Legs (Part 1)
A3 Didn't I
A4 I Want Your Love So Bad
B1 How I Got Over
B2 My Momma & My Poppa
B3 Sure Know How To Love Me
B4 Listen To My Song
B5 True

Year of Production: 2006