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After David Bowie released 'Let's Dance' he was as big as he'd ever been and decided to strike while the iron was hot. The resulting album is 1984's 'Tonight', which was largely successful at keeping the general public interested in him. For all its commercial ambitions 'Tonight' remained a Bowie album, with the video for 'Blue Jean' really being a 20 minute short film.

1. Loving the Alien - David Bowie (7.11)
2. Don't Look Down - David Bowie (4.12)
3. God Only Knows - David Bowie (3.09)
4. Tonight - David Bowie (3.45)
5. Neighborhood Threat - David Bowie (3.13)
6. Blue Jean - David Bowie (3.12)
7. Tumble and Twirl - David Bowie (4.59)
8. I Keep Forgettin' - David Bowie (2.35)
9. Dancing With the Big Boys - David Bowie (3.34)

Year of Production:1999