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David Keenan is a twenty-six year old solo artist from the border-town of Dundalk in Ireland. His burgeoning reputation in his native country has been fuelled by a handful of self-released EPs and live shows which border on religious experiences. He counts Hozier, Gary Lightbody, Glenn Hansard and Dermot Kennedy among his growing number of fans. 'A Beginner's Guide To Bravery' is his debut album. Recorded live in the studio, it is an audacious, unfettered introduction to his singular sound world.

Track Listing:
1. James Dean - David Keenan (3.34)
2. Unholy Ghosts - David Keenan (4.33)
3. Altar Wine - David Keenan (3.23)
4. Love in a Snug - David Keenan (7.04)
5. Tin Pan Alley - David Keenan (4.07)
6. Good Old Days - David Keenan (5.19)
7. The Healing - David Keenan (3.2)
8. Origin of the World - David Keenan (7.16)
9. Eastern Nights - David Keenan (4.25)
10. Evidence of Living - David Keenan (6.48)
11. Subliminal Dublinia - David Keenan (8.04)

Year of Production: 2019