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Released in 1955, Dexter Gordon's 'Daddy Plays the Horn' captures the legendary saxophonist at a point at which his art form and technique was still developing - as such, it's a valuable document of artistic development, with his backing band swinging beautifully and ably assisting Gordon's unique, slightly-off-kilter style. A brace of great originals sit nicely with covers of jazz standards, including an essential take on 'Autumn In New York'.

Track Listing:
1. Daddy Plays the Horn - Dexter Gordon 
2. Confirmation - Dexter Gordon 
3. Darn That Dream - Dexter Gordon 
4. Number Four - Dexter Gordon 
5. Autumn in New York - Dexter Gordon 
6. You Can Depend On Me - Dexter Gordon

Year of Production: 1955