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This recording was made in 1992 on a 4 track recorder and was one of the first from the band, initially only available on cassette until 1994, when it became available on vinyl. Stylistically it probably represents the band at their most playful and exploratory. This edition is a Record Store Day release on green-coloured vinyl with a digital download code and limited to 1000 copies.

Track Listing:
1. Kim's Dirt - Dirty Three
2. Killy Kundane - Dirty Three
3. Jaguar - Dirty Three
4. Devil in the Hole - Dirty Three
5. Jim's Dog - Dirty Three
6. Short Break - Dirty Three
7. Turk Reprise - Dirty Three
1. You Were a Bum Dream - Dirty Three
2. Warren's Waltz - Dirty Three
3. In Bed With the Dirty Three - Dirty Three
4. Turk - Dirty Three

Year of Production: 1992