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Donald Byrd's 1975 album 'Places and Spaces' featuring the hits 'Wind Parade' and 'Dominoes' was the culmination of the great trumpeter's fusion period. It was the fifth consecutive Byrd album to be produced by visionary producer Larry Mizell, and the second to last session Byrd would cut for Blue Note, the label he had recorded for since 1958 that had followed him along his remarkable evolution from top-notch hard bop trumpeter to pioneer of R&B/Funk fusion.

Track Listing:
1. Change (Makes You Want to Hustle) - Donald Byrd 
2. Wind Parade - Donald Byrd 
3. Dominoes - Donald Byrd 
4. Places and Spaces - Donald Byrd 
5. You and the Music - Donald Byrd 
6. Night Whistler - Donald Byrd
7. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) - Donald Byrd

Year of Production: 1975