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Doodswens black metal is a bleak, distorted wave of negative energy according to the tenets set by the Scandinavian originators but with their own new organic reflection of darkness. Their name translated as 'Death Wish', Doodswens breathe new life into the dust of the past, inspired by the rawness of the '90s and capturing the black hearts of a new throng of acolytes as they ignite the gloom.

Track Listing:
1. In Mijn Bloed - Doodswens
2. Onplaatsbaren - Doodswens
3. Zwarte Staar - Doodswens
4. Eindzicht - Doodswens
5. Ijsheiligen - Doodswens
6. Het Zwartewaterland - Doodswens
7. Lichtvrees - Doodswens
8. Lichtvrees II - Doodswens

Year of Production: 2021