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Can was founded in 1968 by Irmin Schmidt, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli and Jaki Liebezeit who formed a group which would utilise and transcend all boundaries of ethnic, electronic experimental and modern classical music. Often described as the 'tense' Can album, 'Ege Bamyasi' is actually the band at its most focused, bolstered in part by the surprisingly good performance of the single, 'Spoon', the proto synth-pop (or synth-rock) song was used as the theme to a popular German television show.
Track Listing:
1. Pinch - Can (9.3)
2. Sing Swan Song - Can (4.49)
3. One More Night - Can (5.36)
4. Vitamin C - Can (3.32)
5. Soup - Can (10.32)
6. I'm So Green - Can (3.06)
7. Spoon - Can (3.04)

Year of Production: 1972