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The original vinyl of 'Harvest Time', the debut album by the Finnish band Elonkorjuu (which means 'Harvest' in Finnish), has been the among the most valuable collector's items in Finnish rock: its average prize in 2021 is over 1200 euros, and even over 2000 euros have been paid for a mint copy. Recorded almost entirely live and originally released in 1972, Elonkorjuu's 'Harvest Time' is a best kept secret for many Scandinavian prog aficionados. With music inspired by groups like Cream and Free with more progressive and free-jam style, Elonkorjuu is one of the few bands that successfully progressed the whole heavy blues/psych rock style in a way that made them a little unique and ahead of their time.

Track Listing:
1. Unfeeling - Elonkorjuu 
2. Swords - Elonkorjuu 
3. Captain - Elonkorjuu 
4. Praise to Our Basement - Elonkorjuu 
5. Future - Elonkorjuu 
6. Hey Hunter - Elonkorjuu 
7. The Ocean Song - Elonkorjuu 
8. Old Man's Dream - Elonkorjuu 
9. Me and My Friend - Elonkorjuu 
10. A Little Rocket Song - Elonkorjuu 

Year of Production: 1972