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Speaking on the EP, Enny says 'This project concept was birthed in the most confusing time of my early 20's. I was caught between the sudden ticking of the age clock and feeling unfulfilled in a 9-5. The songs reflect not only my journey into quitting my job to do music but also everyone involved in bringing this to life from meeting PAYA who nurtured and produced the tracks to just connecting with some really amazing people at Root73 . I hope everyone that listens is able to feel the love and care that's gone into crafting these songs because it's not just mine it's ours and just the first of many'.

Track Listing:
1. Same Old - Enny
2. I Want - Enny
3. Malibu - Enny
4. Keisha's & Brenda's - Enny
5. Peng Black Girls (Feat. Amia Brave) - Enny
6. Under 25 - Enny
7. Revision (2011) - Enny