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Recorded live at Blues Alley, Washington, D.C., Jan 2nd, 1996. Although Eva had spent years in the studio with producer Chris Biondo creating an eclectic body of work, the pair decided that a live album was the quickest way to achieve their immediate goal of creating a CD to sell at gigs.

Track Listing:
1. Cheek to Cheek - Eva Cassidy 
2. Stormy Monday - Eva Cassidy 
3. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Eva Cassidy 
4. Fine and Mellow - Eva Cassidy 
5. People Get Ready - Eva Cassidy 
6. Blue Skies - Eva Cassidy 
7. Tall Trees in Georgia - Eva Cassidy
8. Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy 
9. Autumn Leaves - Eva Cassidy 
10. Honeysuckle Rose - Eva Cassidy 
11. Take Me to the River - Eva Cassidy 
12. What a Wonderful World - Eva Cassidy 
13. Oh, Had I a Golden Thread - Eva Cassidy 

Year of Production: 1996