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Best-of album by the British rock group, originally released in 1976. The selections are heavily biased in favour of Rod Stewart's contribution to the group, with only one track featuring Ronnie Wood on vocals, and none featuring Ronnie Lane, the group's secondary vocalist and songwriter.

1. Pool Hall Richard - Faces
2. Cindy Incidentally - Faces
3. Ooh La La - Faces
4. Sweet Lady Mary - Faces
5. Flying - Faces
6. Pineapple and the Monkey - Faces
7. You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything - Faces
8. Had Me a Real Good Time - Faces
9. Stay With Me - Faces
10. Miss Judy's Farm - Faces
11. Silicone Grown - Faces
12. Around the Plynth - Faces

Year of Production:1976