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Everything Will Grow Again' is a more candid, sincere exploration of harmonisation this time, with a sturdier technical weave underpinning the whole. The background murmurs of Jupiter-8 synths and a Matrix Brute recur over the album's eleven tracks. Fakear's long-standing communion with nature, a source of inspiration to him from the very start, are combined with his trademark acoustic chords on tracks such as 'Together' and 'Sekoia'. An entire section of the album has a decidedly club-inspired feel ('Structurized'), opening out into a series of analogue waves of sound reminiscent of Mount Kimbie and Moderat ('Linked').

Track Listing:
1. Kaishi - Fakear
2. Tadlo - Fakear
3. Sekoia - Fakear
4. Rituals (Feat. Luz) - Fakear
5. Carrie - Fakear
6. A New Home - Fakear
1. Together - Fakear
2. Tokai - Fakear
3. Linked - Fakear
4. Structurized - Fakear
5. Water Lullaby - Fakear

Year of Production: 2020