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Tenth studio album by the American metal band. The band's first album since 'Genexus' (2015), it features the singles 'Disruptor', 'Fuel Injected Suicide Machine', 'Recode' and 'Monolith'. Singer Burton C. Bell left the band in 2020 after more than three decades as their singer, but his vocals are still present on the album, as they were recorded in 2017.

Track Listing:
1. Recode - Fear Factory
2. Disruptor - Fear Factory
3. Aggression Continuum - Fear Factory
4. Purity - Fear Factory
5. Fuel Injected Suicide Machine - Fear Factory
6. Collapse - Fear Factory
7. Manufactured Hope - Fear Factory
8. Cognitive Dissonance - Fear Factory
9. Monolith - Fear Factory
10. End of Line - Fear Factory

Year of Production: 2021