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Oíche' is the debut album from Fears. Pieced together over five years, it chronicles growth through challenges, instability, and relationship changes, both with one's self and others. The album reveals itself much like a coming of age novel about the breaking apart of girlhood and rebuilding of a young woman. An intimate depiction of discovery, the album unearths internal dialogue, and makes peace with uncertainty. 'Oíche', meaning 'night' in Irish, was recorded in three bedrooms, hospital, and the Domino Recordings studio in Brixton. Fears is London-based Irish artist Constance Keane. Combining reflective electronics, acoustic samples, and haunting vocals with organic visuals, Fears invites the listener on an ethereal journey, blurring the boundaries between music and visual art. Her minimalist approach centers on emotive subjects, which are all-at-once deeply personal yet remarkably universal.

Track Listing:
1. H__always - Fears
2. Bones - Fears
3. Daze - Fears
4. Fabric - Fears
5. Vines - Fears
6. Dents - Fears
7. Brighid - Fears
8. Tonnta - Fears
9. Blood - Fears
10. Two_ - Fears

Year of Production: 2021