An ambitious conceptual album that is unmistakably First Fragment, yet at the same time, impossible to categorize and pigeonhole. Boasting baroque-influenced guitar counterpoint, flamenco sections, unique slap-bass-driven swing grooves (which the band trademarked by name as 'swingdowns'), face-ripping lead guitar work and bombastic drumming. Add a highly aggressive dual vocal approach and a lyrical approach soaked in abstract poetry (sung all in french), sprinkle with a ton of fretless bass solos and the result is the ultimate shredfest. A word which may be perceived positively or negatively depending of the listener, but nevertheless, a shredfest with soul, memorability, identity, purpose and conviction.

Track Listing:
1. Gloire Éternelle - First Fragment
2. Solus - First Fragment
3. La Veuve Et Le Martyr - First Fragment
4. Pantheum - First Fragment
5. De Chair Et De Haine - First Fragment
1. Sonata En Mi Mineur - First Fragment
2. Ataraxie - First Fragment
3. Soif Brûlante - First Fragment
4. In'el - First Fragment
5. Mort Éphémère - First Fragment

Year of Production: 2021