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In 2011, Toronto's Fucked Up delivered an album that chafed the edges of punk rock's conceptual boundaries - a set of songs that splayed freely into unexpected instrumentation, psychedelic drift, and situationist philosophy. Its ambition was limitless and its run time opulent. On December 10th 2021, Matador Records will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Fucked Up's titanic 78-minute early '10s masterpiece, 'David Comes to Life', with a limited-edition 2xLP reissue on lightbulb-yellow coloured vinyl.

Track Listing:
1. Let Her Rest - Fucked Up 
2. Queen of Hearts - Fucked Up 
3. Under My Nose - Fucked Up 
4. The Other Shoe - Fucked Up 
5. Turn the Season - Fucked Up 
6. Running On Nothing - Fucked Up 
7. Remember My Name - Fucked Up 
8. A Slanted Tone - Fucked Up 
9. Serve Me Right - Fucked Up 
1. Truth I Know - Fucked Up 
2. Life in Paper - Fucked Up 
3. Ship of Fools - Fucked Up 
4. A Little Death - Fucked Up 
5. I Was There - Fucked Up 
6. Inside a Frame - Fucked Up
7. The Recursive Girl - Fucked Up 
8. One More Night - Fucked Up
9. Lights Go Up - Fucked Up

Year of Production: 2011