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In October 2020 Fuzz released their first album in five years, 'III', scorching the earth with pure primitive rock and roll mastery captured by the sonic guru Steve Albini. It's a record that is meant to be heard and experienced live, and their 'Levitation Sessions' set is the smouldering slab of heavy psych we've all been waiting for, recorded at Zebulon in Los Angeles, CA. Director Joshua Erkman alongside sound engineers Matthew Littlejohn and Mike Kriebel, capture Fuzz's intense energy backdropped by electric artwork from artist Tatiana Kartomten.

Track Listing:
1. Earthen Gate - Fuzz
2. Sleigh Ride - Fuzz
3. Rat Race - Fuzz
4. Returning - Fuzz
5. Time Collapse - Fuzz
6. The 7th Terror - Fuzz
7. Jack the Maggot - Fuzz
8. Pipe - Fuzz
9. Spit - Fuzz
10. Raise - Fuzz
11. Hazemaze - Fuzz

Year of Production: 2021