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Genesis hits package is released to coincide with the bands UK tour in September 2021, with 3 sold-out shows at London's 02 Arena. This will be Genesis's first tour in over 13 years with the classic lineup of Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks & Phil Collins. They have sold around 100 million albums worldwide with over 20 top 40 UK hits with songs such as 'Follow You Follow Me', 'Turn It On Again', 'Mama', 'I Can't Dance' and many more. The tracklist is made up of the songs the band have been performing in rehearsals and will make up the majority of the setlist during the gigs, the title of the release is the same as the tour. This 4LP set is to be housed in a hardback gatefold book-style package, including classic images of the band, rare and unseen images from their archive & images of the rehearsal and the stage used for the gigs.

Track Listing:
1. Dukes End - Genesis
2. Turn It On Again - Genesis
3. Mama - Genesis
4. Land of Confusion - Genesis
5. Home By the Sea - Genesis
6. Second Home By the Sea - Genesis
7. Fading Lights - Genesis
1. The Cinema Show - Genesis
2. Afterglow - Genesis
3. Hold On My Heart - Genesis
4. Jesus He Knows Me - Genesis
5. That's All - Genesis
6. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Genesis
7. In Too Deep - Genesis
8. Follow You Follow Me - Genesis
1. Duchess - Genesis
2. No Son of Mine - Genesis
3. Firth of Firth - Genesis
4. I Know What I Like - Genesis
5. Domino Medley - Genesis
6. Throwing It All Away - Genesis
1. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Genesis
2. Invisible Touch - Genesis
3. I Can't Dance - Genesis
4. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight - Genesis
5. Carpet Crawlers - Genesis
6. Abacab - Genesis

Year of Production: 2021