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AMEN' was written and recorded after world was forced to shut down, in his private basement and an isolated holiday home among the vineyards of Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate region. Many artists, of course, used the time to adopt new musical approaches or dig deep into themselves, but Gropper found this self-analysis also led him to pondering the bigger social questions that the last two years - and the accompanying isolation - have provoked: the pros and cons of individualism, the good and bad that binds and divides us, the pursuit of happiness and the purpose of hope, and the wisdom of Chinese fortune cookies. He emerged with a crucial realisation, one that's as surprising to him as it will be to others: he's actually an optimist. Matters like these dominate this magnificent record, but naturally in true Gropper style.

Track Listing:
1. A Song for Myself - Get Well Soon
2. My Home Is My Heart - Get Well Soon
3. I Love Humans - Get Well Soon
4. This Is Your Life - Get Well Soon
5. Our Best Hope - Get Well Soon
6. One for the Workout - Get Well Soon
1. Mantra - Get Well Soon
2. Chant En Disenchant - Get Well Soon
3. Richard, Jeff and Elon - Get Well Soon
4. Us Vs Evil - Get Well Soon
5. Golden Days - Get Well Soon
6. Accept Cookies - Get Well Soon

Year of Production: 2022