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Cooked up in the Blue Note Lab, 'RMX' presents 2020's band-defining masterpiece, 'GoGo Penguin', re-imagined through the filter of some of the world's finest producers and remixers, including Cornelius, Machinedrum, Yosi Horikawa, Rone, Squarepusher, Nathan Fake, 808 State, James Holden, Shunya, Clark and Portico Quartet. For 'RMX' the idea was both simple and inspired; commission a remix of every track from the album and present a total re-imagination of the record, a remix, or as the band title it, a 'RMX'. In the end they went one better; with a remix of every track (and two of one) plus a remix of the track 'Petit_a', which was originally released only in Japan before surfacing on their 'Live from Studio 2' digital EP. The idea behind 'RMX' was also the catalyst for a remarkably inspired collaboration. The Manchester trio's music has always drawn heavily on electronica (alongside jazz, indie and classical influences) and so commissioning ten of their favourite artists to rework their music made perfect sense - and the results are spectacular.

Track Listing:
1. Kora (Cornelius Remix) - GoGo Penguin
2. Atomised (Machinedrum Remix) - GoGo Penguin
3. Embers (Yosi Horikawa Remix) - GoGo Penguin
4. F Major Pixie (Rone Remix) - GoGo Penguin
5. F Major Pixie (Squarepusher Remix) - GoGo Penguin
6. Open (Nathan Fake Remix) - GoGo Penguin
7. Signal in the Noise (808 State Remix) - GoGo Penguin
8. Totem (James Holden Remix) - GoGo Penguin
9. To the Nth (Shunya Remix) - GoGo Penguin
10. Petit_a (Clark Remix) - GoGo Penguin
11. Don't Go (Portico Quartet Remix) - GoGo Penguin

Year of Production: 2021