Formed in 1969 by Daevid Allen, one of the founding members of Soft Machine, classic albums such as 'Camembert Electrique', 'Flying Teapot' and 'You' established Gong as one of the most unique, innovative and experimental rock groups of the 1970s. Before he sadly passed away in 2015, Allen laid out his hopes for a future Gong, that it should be uplifting, exploratory and a positive force. Kavus Torabi, Fabio Golfetti, Ian East, Dave Sturt and Cheb Nettles, chosen by him, continue his vision. 'Pulsing Signals', recorded live at The Wardrobe in Leeds, The Cluny in Newcastle and Rescue Rooms in Nottingham in 2019 during 'The Universe Also Collapses' tour finds the group in spirited form, unbeknownst to them, it being their final tour before the global pandemic took charge.

Track Listing:
1. What We Was (Intro) - Gong
2. You Can't Kill Me - Gong
3. Rejoice! - Gong
4. If Never I'm & Ever You - Gong
5. Kapital - Gong
6. Master Builder - Gong
7. Forever Reoccurring - Gong
8. My Sawtooth Wake - Gong
9. Insert Yr Own Prophecy - Gong

Year of Production: 2019