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'Goo' is the sixth studio album by Sonic Youth, released on June 26, 1990. The album was Sonic Youth's debut release on a major record label, after the band signed to Geffen Records following the release of Daydream Nation (1988). 'Goo' was recorded over a short period in early 1990 at Sorcerer Sound Recording Studios and Greene St. Recording with Daydream Nation producer Nick Sansano and additional producer Ron Saint Germain. The album's sound diverged considerably from their earlier material and is often considered 'their most accessible album', with elements of experimental rock, garage punk, alternative rock and hard rock. Lead single 'Kool Thing' charted in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. Two other singles - 'Disappearer' and 'Dirty Boots' - were also released from the album.

Track Listing:
1. Dirty Boots - Sonic Youth
2. Tunic (Song for Karen) - Sonic Youth
3. Mary-Christ - Sonic Youth
4. Kool Thing - Sonic Youth
5. Mote - Sonic Youth
6. My Friend Goo - Sonic Youth
7. Disappear - Sonic Youth
8. Mildred Pierce - Sonic Youth
9. Cinderella's Big Score - Sonic Youth
10. Scooter + Jinx - Sonic Youth
11. Titanium Exposé - Sonic Youth

Year of Production: 1990