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Gordi is an Australian folktronica musician whose real name is Sophie Payten. Her latest album, 'Our Two Skins' was written following the death of her grandmother, and the track 'Sandwiches' details her dying days. It was produced by Chris Messina and Zach Hanson who are known for their work with Bon Iver.

Track Listing:
1. Goodwin's (Intro) - Gordi
2. Aeroplane Bathroom - Gordi
3. Unready - Gordi
4. Sandwiches - Gordi
5. Volcanic - Gordi
6. Radiator - Gordi
7. Extraordinary Life - Gordi
8. Hate the World - Gordi
9. Looks Like You - Gordi
10. Limits - Gordi
11. Free Association - Gordi

Year of Production: 2020