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Speaking about the making of 'Edge of the Horizon', Groove Armada's Andy Cato recalled: 'During those studio days, the rest of the world shuts down. There's an intensity, anyone looking in might say madness, that kicks in when we're totally lost amongst the instruments, synths and records day and night. But that shared, unspoken feeling that comes when we both know we've got it right cuts through as clear as ever'.

Track Listing:
1. Get Out On the Dancefloor - Groove Armada
2. Holding Strong - Groove Armada
3. Edge of the Horizon - Groove Armada
4. Tripwire - Groove Armada
5. Don't Give Up - Groove Armada
6. We're Free - Groove Armada
7. Lover 4 Now - Groove Armada
8. What Cha Gonna Do With Your Love - Groove Armada
9. Holding Out Forever - Groove Armada
10. I Can Only Miss You - Groove Armada
11. Cool Calm Water - Groove Armada
12. Hold a Vibe - Groove Armada

Year of Production: 2020