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Singer and lyricist Kassie Carlson, multi-instrumentalist Peter Negroponte and guitarist Arian Shafiee wrote 'Famously Alive' at home in the Catskills during the pervading quiet of the pandemic year. The album's title derives from a poem written by a close friend of the band, Jonny Tatelman, who supported Carlson through the early stages of her recovery from opiate addiction. The poem comprises the entirety of the lyrics to the title track, an exuberant ode to loving your own survival and charting a course into unconditional self-acceptance. Throughout the record, Guerilla Toss meet themselves with curiosity, generosity, and acceptance even for the harder parts of being alive. Together with guitarist Arian Shafiee, Carlson and Negroponte cultivated a sound that spliced together psychedelic texturing and krautrock syncopation with the gloss and glow of contemporary pop music. Carlson's voice, its range now broadened by a recent venture into formal training, puts playful, searching vocal melodies and lyrics about reaching for yourself and holding fast in your own love atop ripples of auto-tune. 'Famously Alive' finds Guerilla Toss coming into the fullness of their power, celebrating their prismatic idiosyncrasies from a place of optimism and abundance. It is a joyous album, equal parts bizarre, accessible, and fun.

Track Listing:
1. Cannibal Capital - Guerilla Toss
2. Famously Alive - Guerilla Toss
3. Live Exponential - Guerilla Toss
4. Mermaid Airplane - Guerilla Toss
5. Wild Fantasy - Guerilla Toss
6. Pyramid Humm - Guerilla Toss
7. Excitable Girl - Guerilla Toss
8. I Got Spirit - Guerilla Toss
9. Happy Me - Guerilla Toss
10. Heathen in Me - Guerilla Toss

Year of Production: 2022