Ever since the release of their debut album, 'Glory to the Brave', in 1997, Hammerfall dropped jaws everywhere they went. Three years and one album ('Legacy of Kings', 1998) later, swedish heavy metal saviors Hammerfall released what would be their international break-through and first number one record in their native country, 'Renegade'. Songs like the title track, the ballad 'Always Will Be', the ferocious opening track 'Templars of Steel' or the pummeling 'The Way of the Warrior' made the album the landmark release that it is today. From then on out Hammerfall kept rising through the ranks, becoming an institution in the metal world and are responsible for the revival of traditional heavy metal in the post-grunge music scene.

Track Listing:
1. Templars of Steel (2020 Remix) - Hammerfall
2. Keep the Flame Burning (2020 Remix) - Hammerfall
3. Renegade (2020 Remix) - Hammerfall
4. Living in Victory (2020 Remix) - Hammerfall
5. Always Will Be (2020 Remix) - Hammerfall
6. The Way of the Warrior (2020 Remix) - Hammerfall
7. Destined for Glory (2020 Remix) - Hammerfall 
8. The Champion (2020 Remix) - Hammerfall 
9. Raise the Hammer (2020 Remix) - Hammerfall 
10. A Legend Reborn (2020 Remix) - Hammerfall 

Year of Production: 2000