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Originally released in 2002, 'Harnessed the Storm' was conceived as the opening chapter of the legendary 'Seven Storms' (a series of seven albums created within a single year and released via several labels under different names.) 'Harnessed the Storm' was the sole one in the series credited under the main Drexciya project.

Track Listing:
1. Digital Tsunami - Drexciya (6.22)
2. Soul of the Sea - Drexciya (4.32)
3. Dr. Blowfins' Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres - Drexciya (6.13)
4. Song of the Green Whale - Drexciya (5)
1. Lake Haze - Drexciya (5.18)
2. Mission to Ociya Syndor and Back - Drexciya (5.14)
3. Under Sea Disturbances - Drexciya (8.08)

Year of Production: 2002