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Helen Merrill's recording career has spanned six decades. On 'Lilac Wine', released in 2003, the eminent jazz singer applies her magnificent voice to a collection of songs that she had never previously recorded, with the exception of 'Lilac Wine' - a song she first recorded in the '50s and revisits here. As throughout her long recording career, Merrill is surrounded here by first-rank musicians such as George Mraz (bass), Torrie Zito (piano, keyboard, arrangements) and Lew Soloff (trumpet). Merrill's singularly swinging style remains as potent and vibrantly spellbinding as ever.

Track Listing:
1. Lilac Wine - Helen Merrill
2. Wild Is the Wind - Helen Merrill
3. Pierre - Helen Merrill
4. Something I Dreamed Last Night - Helen Merrill
5. Love Me Tender/How Sweet You Are - Helen Merrill
6. The Island - Helen Merrill
7. One More Walk Around the Garden - Helen Merrill
8. Portrait of Helen Merrill - Helen Merrill
9. You - Helen Merrill

Year of Production: 2002