Like the creeks that run and tributaries that trickle throughout singer-songwriter Ian Noe's homelands in Eastern Kentucky, water flows throughout his new LP. Thoughtfully and intentionally named, 'River Fools & Mountain Saints' highlights Noe's storytelling prowess through 12 country rockers and Appalachian ballads, depicting contemporary and historical life in the region. Broader in scope and brighter in tone than his lauded debut, 2019's 'Between the Country', 'River Fools & Mountain Saints' boasts a fuller sound with more diverse instrumentation.

Track Listing:
1. Pine Grove (Madhouse) - Ian Noe
2. River Fool - Ian Noe
3. Lonesome As It Gets - Ian Noe
4. Strip Job Blues 1984 - Ian Noe
5. Tom Barrett - Ian Noe
6. Ballad of a Retired Man - Ian Noe
7. Mountain Saint - Ian Noe
8. One More Night - Ian Noe
9. POW Blues - Ian Noe
10. Burning Down the Prairie - Ian Noe
11. Appalachia Haze - Ian Noe
12. Road May Flood/It's a Heartache - Ian Noe

Year of Production: 2022