Ihsan Al-Munzer's first release as a solo artist in 1979, 'Belly Dance Disco', aimed to fuse 'Western' modern music and bellydance to make it more accessible to the local audience in the late 1970s. 'I wanted to put a mixture of European beat with Arabic percussion, but I made the European rhythm and harmony very easy to listen to for the Arabic ear - soft and understandable' says Al- Munzer. Today, the composer's music has made the return journey back to the West; with tracks on the album featured by hip-hop artists such as Mos Def, who sampled Al-Munzer's composition 'Joy of Lina' on his 2009 song 'The Embassy'.

Track Listing:
1. Girls of Iskandariah - Ihsan Al-Munzer
2. Night Entertainer - Ihsan Al-Munzer
3. The Joy of Lina - Ihsan Al-Munzer
4. Dance of Tenderness - Ihsan Al-Munzer
5. Jamileh - Ihsan Al-Munzer
6. A New Candle - Ihsan Al-Munzer
7. Once a Year - Ihsan Al-Munzer
8. A Flower of My Imagination - Ihsan Al-Munzer
9. A Night at the Station - Ihsan Al-Munzer
10. Love of Laura - Ihsan Al-Munzer

Year of Production: 1979