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Jake Bugg releases his fifth album and first full-length release through RCA Records called 'Saturday Night, Sunday Morning'. Singles 'All I Need' and 'Kiss Like the Sun' marked the beginning of a new start in Jake's musical career since signing to RCA Records, alongside his tracks and short films 'Rabbit Hole' and 'Saviours of the City' released in 2020. With four albums and numerous hit singles to his name, Jake Bugg has a seasoned knowledge beyond his young years, which he couples with a refreshing wry sense of humour.

Track Listing:
1. All I Need - Jake Bugg
2. Kiss Like the Sun - Jake Bugg
3. About Last Night - Jake Bugg
4. Downtown - Jake Bugg
5. Rabbit Hole - Jake Bugg
6. Lost - Jake Bugg
7. Scene - Jake Bugg
8. Lonely Hours - Jake Bugg
9. Maybe It's Today - Jake Bugg
10. Screaming - Jake Bugg
11. Hold Tight - Jake Bugg

Year of Production: 2021