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Primordial Waters' sees the prodigiously talented young musician take his explorations in jazz and hip-hop to new heights. Inspired by Orisha stories and Jamael's Los Angeles roots, the album is heavily infused with Yoruba spirituality and celestial themes. Several of the tracks interpolate traditional Yoruba songs and feature vocals from frequent collaborator Sharada Shashidhar. The album was mixed by Leaving Records' Zeroh and mastered by Grammy Award-winning audio engineer and Low End Theory founder Daddy Kev.

Track Listing:
1. Èsù - Jamael Dean
2. Odu to Da Iwa - Jamael Dean
3. Ori Apere - Jamael Dean
4. Ifa - Jamael Dean
5. Akoda - Jamael Dean
6. Overstood - Jamael Dean
7. Sango - Jamael Dean
8. Oranmiyan - Jamael Dean
9. Galaxy in Leimert - Jamael Dean
10. Osun - Jamael Dean

Year of Production: 2022