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Janis Ian's second Columbia album is elegiac in mood, its 11 tunes composing a romantically introspective self-portrait. Ian has forged an appealing melodic style based on the folk simplicity of Don McLean and early Bob Dylan and added to it some of the sweetness of MOR pop. Some of her tunes could be covered by Roberta Flack or even Frank Sinatra. Vocally, Ian sounds more confident and relaxed than on her Columbia debut, Stars. Her singing is consistently strong and plaintive, reminiscent in timbre of Melanie's, though surer in pitch and more emotively reticent.

Track Listing:
A1 When The Party's Over
A2 At Seventeen
A3 From Me To You
A4 Bright Lights And Promises
A5 In The Winter
A6 Water Colors
B1 Between The Lines
B2 The Come On
B3 Light A Light
B4 Tea & Sympathy
B5 Lover's Lullaby

Year of Production: 1975