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Time Clocks' is Bonamassa's 15th solo studio album and fifth in a row of all original material and sees him at his most ambitious and diverse yet as he continues to redefine and push the barriers of blues-rock. On the ten songs of 'Time Clocks', Joe mixes in a new progressive rock flavour. The album will be released on limited edition gold vinyl, black vinyl and a limited edition deluxe CD set. The deluxe CD comes with two coasters, three guitar picks, and ten art cards.

Track Listing:
1. Pilgrimage - Joe Bonamassa
2. Notches - Joe Bonamassa
3. The Heart That Never Waits - Joe Bonamassa
4. Time Clocks - Joe Bonamassa
5. Questions and Answers - Joe Bonamassa
6. Mind's Eye - Joe Bonamassa
7. Curtain Call - Joe Bonamassa
8. The Loyal Kind - Joe Bonamassa
9. Hanging On a Loser - Joe Bonamassa
10. Known Unknowns - Joe Bonamassa

Year of Production: 2021