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Originally released in 1962, 'Coltrane Plays the Blues', a thematic album consisting of six tunes based on the blues. Pianist McCoy Tyner sits out on 'Blues to Bechet' and 'Blues to You', reducing the band to a trio on these tunes. On 'Blues to Bechet' and Mr. Syms, Trane plays soprano sax.

Track Listing:
1. Blues to Elvin (Mono) - John Coltrane
2. Blues to Bechet (Mono) - John Coltrane
3. Blues to You (Mono) - John Coltrane
4. Mr Days (Mono) - John Coltrane
5. Mr Syms (Mono) - John Coltrane
6. Mr Knight (Mono) - John Coltrane

Year of Production: 1961