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This album, originally released towards the end of 1973, and one of the best selling reggae albums of all time, established John Holt as the housewives' choice here in the UK. Without doubt, Holt was one of the finest singers to emerge from Jamaica, and considering the quality that surrounded him, thats saying something. It is presented here alongside seven 'Jamaican mixes' of songs from it and a second disc of rare and unreleased masters.

Track Listing:
1. Never, Never, Never - John Holt (4)
2. Morning of My Life - John Holt (2.52)
3. Stoned Out of My Mind - John Holt (3.15)
4. Baby I'm a Want You - John Holt (2.2)
5. Help Me Make It Through the Night - John Holt (3.1)
6. Mr. Bojangles - John Holt (5.22)
7. I'd Love You to Want Me - John Holt (3.18)
8. Killing Me Softly With Her Song - John Holt (3.57)
9. You Baby - John Holt (3.2)
10. Too Much Love - John Holt (2.42)
11. The Girl from Ipanema - John Holt (2.44)
12. Which Way You Going Baby - John Holt (3.43)

Year of Production: 1973