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Originally released in April 1987, 'Johnny Cash Is Coming to Town' was Cash's first album proper on Mercury Records (following the collaboration album 'Class of '55', with Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison). The album features the tracks 'Sixteen Tons', previously a hit for Tennessee Ernie Ford, and 'The Big Light', an Elvis Costello song from his album 'King of America'.

Track Listing:
1. The Big Light - Johnny Cash
2. The Ballad of Barbara - Johnny Cash
3. I'd Rather Have You - Johnny Cash
4. Let Him Roll - Johnny Cash
5. The Night Hank Williams Came to Town - Johnny Cash
6. Sixteen Tons - Johnny Cash
7. Letters from Home - Johnny Cash
8. W. Lee O'Daniel (And the Light Crust Dough Boys) - Johnny Cash
9. Heavy Metal (Don't Mean Rock and Roll to Me) - Johnny Cash
10. My Ship Will Sail - Johnny Cash

Year of Production: 1987