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Jonny Greenwood's hauntingly dramatic instrumental score for oscar-nominated director Paul Thomas Anderson's ambitious film, 'There Will Be Blood'. An adaptation of the Upton Sinclair novel 'Oil!', the movie features Daniel Day-Lewis in what the Hollywood Reporter described as 'a powerhouse performance'. Greenwood's remarkable compositions, written primarily for strings, garnered considerable praise in various reviews. 'There Will Be Blood' took Anderson in a radically different direction than his celebrated earlier films, 'Boogie Nights' and 'Magnolia' - dazzling, attention-grabbing movies marked by multiple plot lines, ensemble casts and surreal visual elements.

1. Open Spaces - Various Performers (3.55)
2. Future Markets - Various Performers (2.41)
3. Prospectors Arrive - Various Performers (4.34)
4. Eat Him By His Own Light - Various Performers (2.41)
5. Henry Plainview - Various Performers (4.14)
6. There Will Be Blood - Various Performers (2.05)
7. Oil - Various Performers (3.06)
8. Proven Lands - Various Performers (1.51)
9. HW/Hope of New Fields - Various Performers (2.3)
10. Stranded the Line - Various Performers (2.21)
11. Prospectors Quartet - Various Performers (2.57)

Year of Production:2007